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Project Consultancy

Site audit, analysis, design, and commissioning for reliable, safe and continuous power solutions in order to fully guarantee the productivity of the customer’s business… anytime and anywhere.

Site audit of Preliminary Installation

  Key points



 • Audit  of preliminary installations


 • All-in-one solution

 • Functional analysis of your solution


 • Single point of contact

 • Recommendations for implementation


 • Manufacturer expertise

 • On-site commissioning and tests


 • Better time to market

 • Tracking system implemented in the first weeks of operation



Grenotech performs the commissioning service following quality process & standards by ensuring that your equipment will be commissioned in a safe, reliable, and operational condition.
  Key points  Benefits
 • Work environment inspection  • Commissioning performed with the best working standards
 • Electrical installation check (isolator switch, cabling, circuit breakers etc.)  • Compatibility with your work environment
   • UPS internal and external check  • Compliance with the various installation standards
• System power on and set up  
  • Operating test 
 • Load bank test (on request)  

Preventive Maintenance

To keep the UPS running at maximum levels of efficiency and to avoid system downtime with possible risks and damage to loads, it is important to have the manufacturer’s expertise to perform regular preventive maintenance.
This is the best way to ensure the reliability of your UPS equipment over time and the most cost effective solution to keep the Total Cost of Ownership under control.

 Key points


 • Inspections: mechanical, electrical, battery

• Helps reduce equipment malfunction

 • Dust removal/equipment cleaning

• Optimises operating efficiency

 • Software updates

• Extends equipment lifetime

 • Electronics testing

• Improves system availability

 • Environmental checks


 • Battery check


 • Maintenance report


Battery care

Batteries are a key element of UPS systems. Their efficiency and availability are important for preventing load downtime, but at the same time batteries are the most vulnerable and failure-prone component of such systems.

Therefore, continuous battery monitoring, preventative maintenance and periodic battery replacement are essential to guarantee continuity of operations and long live battery.

Main factors reducing battery lifecycle:

• High temperatures

• Frequent number of cycles

• Discharge too deep

• Recharging with high voltage

• Lack of regular maintenance

 UPS Services : Key points


 Benefits of battery care

 • Battery check during preventive visit


 • Maintains the battery back-up time 

 • Periodic preventive replacement based on manufacturer


 • Avoids risk of UPS downtime
 • Optimizes battery investment

 • Battery monitoring & Battery life repair



Maintenance services packages

: A broad range of solutions to suit all your needs in UPS system maintenance

The Maintenance service packages which combine the advantages of preventive maintenance and emergency service are entirely tailored around customers’ needs, taking into account individual operating constraints, business activity and the unique level of criticality associated with specific applications.
A variety of packages suitable for users of UPS Standard, UPS modular, UPS in data centers and changeover switches has been developed to cover all needs; from a simple combined service, to a fully-inclusive package that includes the cost of labor and spare parts and delivers the quickest response time to site.

Technical training

Our specialists can help you gain the necessary skills to operate your electrical equipment efficiently and so increase its dependability.
Technical training courses can take place either at your premises or at Principal partner ‘s dedicated training Centre.

 Key points



 • Hands-on training


 • Autonomy to manage routine operations

 • Either in Socomec factories or at customer’s site


 • Alarm procedures 

 • Open discussions and participants’ feedback


 • Safer operation and maintenance

 • Many types of configurations covered


 • Always up to date with latest technologies

 • Real-case simulations based on customer’s actual installation



 • Experienced ‘field-tested’ trainers



LINK – UPS remote monitoring

24/7 UPS remote monitoring

The increasing demand for high quality energy – supplying Data Centers and other critical infrastructure – makes the UPS one of the most vital elements of your electrical architecture.
Net Vision is a communication and management interface designed for business networks. The UPS behaves exactly like a networked peripheral, it can be managed remotely and can manage the shutdown of server-based PC’s.

The main specifications and functions are as follows:

  • 10/100 Mb Ethernet connection (RJ45)
  • UPS monitoring screen via a web navigator
  • Remote shutdown of PC’s
  • Notification of faults via e-mail to up to 8 addresses
  • UPS management by SNMP protocol
  • Diagnostic via modem and eService
  • Monitoring of the operating environment (optional EMD temperature and humidity sensor)
  • Configurable alarm trigger with e-mail notification


Load measurement & analysis

The load is evaluated based on the load percentage reported by the device.

High load is at or above 80%. 
This indicates possible danger if the load should spike very high.

Medium load is between 25% and 80%. 
This indicates a normal expected load for a single-phase UPS.

Low load is under 25%. 
This indicates you’re not currently using the equipment to its fullest potential. You can use this to optimize your data center.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

  • Comprehensive AMC of any UPS including regular Preventive Maintenance, free Service visit by engineer, cost of components, cards & spare parts.
  • Non-comprehensive AMC – Engineer visit only, Cost of any parts & spares as actual charged separately.
  • Batteries, isolation etc. are not covered under any of the above AMC

Replacement of consumables

Available stock of Components, Batteries, Parts, that require continuous check, servicing, maintenance & replacement for smooth functioning of UPS system.

Inspection & testing visit

Our trained service engineer will conduct thorough inspection of the site layout. Proper guidance & knowledge share will be provided to the user on electrical work & load requirement.

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